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Retail and Domestic Steel Kitchen Units and Cabinets

Quality Product Range. We have a wide range of steel kitchen units in various colours, styles and finishes. The steel carcases of our kitchen units are all degreased and iron-phosphated for protection against rust. Since our units are for the kitchen, we use high-quality powder coated finishes for extra durability. This protects surfaces and handles from damage. Our steel kitchen units are stronger than traditional pure wood cabinets and can last for years without any special care.

Your clients will enjoy the elegant look of our steel kitchen cabinets in their homes. Kitchen units can come in granite or slate finishes for a sleek appearance. For secure storage, our units also have sturdy locks to keep your belongings safe.

Jayfurn Industries understands the demands of the market. Our team provides wholesale kitchen cabinets and units for bulk purchases, making sure you get what you need when you need it. Contact Jayfurn Industries and purchase kitchen cabinets direct today.





Want to stock our range? Looking to outfit your kitchen?

Jayfurn Industries is a leading provider of premium steel kitchen units to the retail and domestic market. We have been in the industry for more than two decades, giving our partners what they need for their projects. If you’re looking for an excellent supplier of wholesale products for your clients from the industry or are just looking for one for your own home, contact us and buy kitchen units directly from the manufacturer.